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Anterior Translucency Multilayer anterior teeth full ceramic zirconia restoration material with Tosoh powder


Maxidon recently released its Anterior Translucency MultiLayer zirconia blanks, developed with Tosoh powder and rigorously tested in our labs for enamel-like appearance.  Dentists enjoy the AT zirconia material for its convincing translucency and brilliant aesthetic effect.  Before Maxidon developed this anterior teeth zirconia, glass ceramic (E-MAX) and PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate wax) were used in restorations of anterior teeth.  AT White zirconia, rated to 600 MPa strength, is a perfect alternative that provides all of the technical and aesthetic benefits of E-Max while doing so at a fraction of the cost.


In addition to pure white zirconia blanks, Maxidon zirconia is available in 16 pre-shaded variants, with the full range of A1 to D4 tooth shades.  Labs often prefer multilyered, pre-shaded zirconia to reduce labor needed for staining and finishing as well as hedging for human error.


In anterior restorations, translucency and color matter most.  Though we offer other zirconia products that have higher strength ratings, the increased ratings not necessary for practical use of anterior restorations.  The Anterior Translucent multilayer zirconia will impress with its translucency and accurate color in the multilayer versions.  Additionally, its fluoresce and opalescence make true-to-nature restorations more attainable.


  • STRENGTH: 600MPa



① Dramatically reduce preparation time and effort
② Removes need for porcelain, full anatomic anterior zirconia
③ Restorations seat firmly and fit well
④ Eliminates the possibility of porcelain chipping
⑤ Safe for medical imaging, no need to remove restoration prior to X-Rays, etc.
⑥ 16 pre-shaded colors available (A1-D4)

⑦ High strength 900MPa

⑧ Amazing aesthetic properties and flexible applications

⑨ Fast and efficient sintering technology
⑩ No need to use stain for coloration 


Compatible with open dental milling systems with different sizes such as Wieland, Sirona, Zirconzahn, Kavo, Lava, Amann Girrbach, Cercon, Dentmill, etc.

Anterior Translucency White (AT-W) Dental Zirconia Blanks