Dental Titanium Millling Machine For Par

PT-1 Dental Titanium Milling Machine

CAD/CAM Milling Machine for Titanium Partial Frameworks

Traditional RPD (Removeable Partial Dentures) are built from Chrome Cobalt frameworks, which have an attractive shiny luster to them, but a titanium partial framework offers equal if not superior physical mechanical properties while being less than half the weight (45%) of a comparable ChCr framework.

  • High-torque and stable 4-axis metal machining for high-quality RPD frame

  • Precision ground ball screw, LM Guide, and harmonic drive components

  • Liquid-cooled high-frequency spindle motor (2.2KW, 30,000RPM) with extended spindle life

  • Uses rectangular titanium plates (250x155x (Max 25T)) to maximize material use efficiency

  • Parallel cutting tool array enabling automatic changing of cutting tools by settings for wear, breakage or cumulative time used

  • Automatic fire extinguishing system

Titanium Partial Framework Dental Milling Machine


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