3D Scan Spray

CAD/CAM 3D Scan Spray

Who uses CAD/CAM Spray?

      Dental labs and use 3D scan spray as part of their CAD/CAM process.  CAD/CAM spray is used as an anti-glare agent applied before the scan to lower the reflectivity and albedo of the intended surface.

      Dental lab technicians typically apply a thin layer of 3D scan spray to the stone dental model before placing the stone dental model on the scanning platform to ensure an accurate scan for modeling and friction testing of telescopic crowns. Jewelers use 3D scan spray in their scanning to accurately model and form the jewelry they create.

How to use​ 3D Scan Spray

· Shake it well before use
· Multiple thin layers works more effectively than a single thick layer


Calcium Carbonate, Titanium, Dioxide etc.


· 3D scan spray contains flammable, high-pressure gas
· Do not store at temperatures over 40°C
· Do not throw container into fire

· Do not use for intraoral scanning in a patient's mouth
· Dispose of properly
· Do not store in a closed place
· When storing after use ensure the can is upside down until no liquid discharge comes out

CAD/CAM Spray Storage

· Use only in well ventilated areas
· Keep out of reach of children
· Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat

3D Scan Spray Gallery

3D CAD/CAM Scan Spray
Front of the Maxidon 3D Scan Spray can
3D CAD/CAM Scan Spray Back
Rear of the Maxidon 3D Scan Spray can
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