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  • Smart-accurate, intelligent algorithm bring more features with even lighter file size

  • Auto-align, fully automatic alignment (bite registration for model and impression )

  • Fast, post-processing is now faster than ever!

  • Adaptive, adaptive projection color( with red/blue/white options, complex model color can now be better scanned)

  • Highly intuitive user interface,  easy to use.

Korus_Web_Products_UP3D_UP300_3 copy.jpg

UP 300

UP300 shows unparalleled scanning speed and is an excellent choice for mass production

  • Model Scan

  • Die Scan

  • Multi-die Scan

  • Die-on-model Scan

  • Implant Scan

  • Simple Tray

  • Triple Tray

  • Big Articulator: Flank Scan

  • Articulator Scan

  • Ortho Model Scan

  • Texture Scan

Additional Specifications


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