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Maxidon provides a full range of dental lab-to-lab services implemented by CAD/CAM technology in our onsite digital dental milling center.  Although most of our client dental labs are in the Chicago area, our milling center works with labs nationwide with quick processing and shipment.

  • Save time and cost with competitive wholesale pricing to sharpen your competitive edge

  • 3 days in-lab on standard cases (1-2 business day turnaround time available for local pickups)

  • Quick responses and clear communication from our technical and support teams

  • Free custom shading (done onsite)

  • We accept rush cases

  • We accept: .STL, .DCM, .DICOM (such as from the Trios Scanner)

We take care of our clients’ digital outsourcing needs as well as providing the milling machines, dental milling burs, as well as the raw materials necessary to manufacture crowns, bridges, copings, multi-unit abutments, implants, etc.


CAD/CAM Milling Center Outsourcing Prices

Our Services Include:

PFM Crowns

PFM Crown variations including:

  • Nonprecious

  • Semiprecious

  • Titanium

  • White High Nobel

  • Yellow High Nobel

  • Captek

Full Cast Crown

Full cast crowns including:

  • Full gold

  • Full metal

  • Gold & metal inlay/onlay

  • Cast post & core

Ceramic Crowns/Bridge

Ceramic crowns including:

  • Full zirconia

  • Zirconia with porcelain

  • E-Max (CAD or Press)

  • EZ Max

  • Empress veneer/inlay/onlay

  • Empress crowns

Implants and Abutments

Implant abutments including:

  • Multi-unit abutments

  • Hybrid abutments

  • Stock abutments

  • Zirconia and Titanium abutments

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More Information

CAD/CAM Dental Milling

Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) processes are used across dental labs and dental offices to streamline and improve the dental restoration manufacturing process.

Computer aided operations make dental lab processes more accurate and efficient.


EMAX is an all-ceramic material made of lithium disilicate (LS2) and zirconium oxide (ZrO2) for press manufacturing or for CAD/CAM.  Simple and versatile, EMAX dominates the market of top-tier aesthetics and durability for the most life-like restorations. For a hand finished touch, there is a universally applicable nano-fluorapatite glass-ceramic available for veneering all EMAX components.

Custom Implants and Abutments

Dental implants are “root” devices meant to anchor the restorations to the correct place in the mouth. Usually made of titanium or zirconia, they rest in the patient’s jaw to support crowns, bridges, prostheses, or dentures. Multi-unit abutments are available as well.

Implants and abutments permit movement along one axis without reciprocal movement of the restoration. Can be used as anchors for orthodontic tooth movement.

Dental Zirconia

Zirconia crowns have quickly taken over the dental industry as the preferred material for crowns and bridges.  In addition to being a strong substance with excellent wear resistance, zirconia has aesthetic properties that allow it to closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth. The well-rounded nature of zirconia means that there are options appropriate for anterior as well as posterior restoration, especially in cases where the crown/bridge is directly adjacent to visible, natural teeth.


Ready to send a case? Call (708)-547-5700 or fill out the form below!

Shipping Your Case

Local: Same day Pick-up 

  • One-way charge only

  • 4 different local companies (Quick Delivery or Greenlight)

  • AM or PM pickup times available

  • Available within a 50 mile radius from our milling center

Only one way charge

  • Beyond 50 miles radius: UPS Shipping

  • Available for both Chicagoland and out-of-state partners

  • We provide a pre-printed UPS shipping label upon request

Milling Center Inquiries

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