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MAXIDON advanced 16 color PMMA is a temporary restoration which has a lifelike effect, good
biocompatibility, and high aesthetic effect. 
MAXIDON PMMA has excellent erosion-resistance and heat resistance. The material uses high-
temperature digestion, hydrodynamic injection, sanitary safety, no abnormal odor, those of
performance make MAXIDON PMMA becoming the priority choice for dentist and technicians.

ㆍAll 16 shade Avail. with 16/20/25mm thickness
ㆍVickers hardness 40HV5
ㆍAppropriate strength and toughness, suitable for dental clinic
ㆍExcellent abrasive resistance
ㆍExcellent biocompatibility, no irritation to the gingiva
ㆍColor stability, translucency, aesthetic effect
ㆍNo stick knife, easy to milling
ㆍAll kinds binder can ne used


  • ㆍWeight: 0.50 lbs
    ㆍDimensions: 3 x 3 x 1 in
    ㆍSize: 16,20,25mm

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