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Our dependable, budget friendly, basic dental zirconia is our High Translucency bleach white disks.  There are no frills to these zirconia blanks, but they are a phenomenal choice for posterior teeth or cases requiring extremely high wear resistence and flexure strength(1300MPa).  The 35% translucency allows for using a masking effect can hide metal coloration from bleeding through.

To stain afterwards, we recommend using a B1 solution with a concentration varying with your shading needs


  • STRENGTH 1300MPa


① Reduce preparation dramatically
② Restoration seated firmly
③ Eliminates the possibility of porcelain chipping
④ No need to take out restoration under imaging medical examinations 
⑤ High strength 1300MPa
⑥ Fast and efficient sintering technology

⑦ Unique coloring changing effect


For open systems with different sizes such as Wieland, Sirona, Zirconzahn, Kavo, Lava, Amann Girrbach,
Cercon, Dentmill, etc.


High Translucency White (HT-W) Dental Zirconia Blank

  • ㆍWeight: 0.50 lbs
    ㆍDimensions: 3 x 3 x 1 in
    ㆍSize: 10,12,14,16,18,20,22,25mm

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