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Milling & Dental Lab Services

Maxidon provides a full range of dental lab-to-lab services implemented by CAD/CAM technology in our onsite digital dental milling center.  Although most of our client dental labs are in the Chicago area, our milling center works with labs nationwide with quick processing and shipment.

  • Save time and cost with competitive wholesale pricing to sharpen your competitive edge.

  • 3 days in-lab on standard cases (1-2 business day turnaround time available for local pickups)

  • Quick responses and clear communication from our technical and support teams.

  • Free custom shading (done onsite)

  • We accept rush cases

  • We accept: .STL, .DCM, .DICOM (such as from the Trios Scanner)

We take care of our clients’ digital outsourcing needs as well as providing the milling machines, dental milling burs, as well as the raw materials necessary to manufacture crowns, bridges, copings, multi-unit abutments, implants, etc.

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Milling Center Services

CAD/CAM Milling Center Outsourcing Prices

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