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Longbow Converter V5.rar




htm The Longbow Converter V5.rar.htm By Jordan Patton Carrying an AR-15 with the wrong-length magazine is a drag. You’ve had a few hundred rounds fall out when you were out shooting, and then you make the awkward trip back to your vehicle, only to have to locate an empty magazine. You pull it out and try to stick it into the gun, and a few rounds fall out. At this point, you’ve wasted at least 5 minutes of your time, and you’ve also wasted a magazine that you could have used somewhere else. We aren’t big advocates of magazine swaps, but if you’ve ever had to carry a rifle around with an empty magazine, you know the pain of it. For short-action rifles, you may be able to use an aftermarket magazine that features a follower. It will more than likely fit the gun, and it will fit the original magazine well enough so that you can not lose rounds in the long run. The only downside is that the magazine can look a little out of place. If you like the look of your rifle, it could be worth it. Sometimes, however, you’re not going to have the option of swapping magazines, and it may be the only choice you have. The good news is that you can make a magazine that works just as well, but without the need for a follower. It will work by taking the actual magazine and shortening it to the proper length. Shortening a Magazine The first thing you want to do is to take the magazine that you want to convert and separate the spring. As you can see in the photos, one side has the follower while the other does not. Remove the follower from the bottom of the magazine. Now, you want to remove the spring from the rear of the magazine, so that the back of the magazine is empty. Now, you can take a file and carefully file down the sides of the magazine. Make sure you do this with the magazine sides facing the inside of your rifle. After you have removed the sides, you should be able to pull the magazine out of the rifle. The next step is to cut the magazine down. The length of the magazine will depend on how your rifle mounts. For most rifles, you will want to cut the magazine down to about the same length as the magazine housing. If you have a longer housing




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Longbow Converter V5.rar

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